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    Have U read a Good Short Story Book 2day?  Then ya better go get this one!!!! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/the-dark-sides-of-a-woman-by-queen-goddess   http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Sides-Woman-Collection-Stories/dp/0595410499/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247426122&sr=1-1     https://www.facebook.com/BSAQueenGoddess?ref=hl  We Have A Hardcover Book 4 You Hard Cover Book Reader So When U Make Your Purchase Make Sure U Get Your Hard Cover Copy okay :)  Hey Let me ask you a question  Do  U like  2 read  about  love, drama, passion, deceit, and rejection?   Then  U will enjoy reading this book. "The Dark  Sides Of A Woman" is  a provocative and compelling collection of  short  stories about the pain and sorrow many women experience,  and how they solve their problems. The stories are filled with  drama, love, excitement, controversy, and  darkness. Have  U revealed  your dark sides?

    Queen Goddess

    Author/Spoken Word Artist/Natural Hair Care Consultant

    Queen Goddess  is an  amazing Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Natural Hair Care Stylist, and Thespian from Harlem USA. As Natural Hair Care Stylist for several years, Queen and her clients have shared their stories and life experiences with each other. Clients have since encouraged her to write a book because of all the Spoken Word, Poetry, and Hip-Hop songs that she has shared with them—thus the  release of her first book,  The Dark Sides of a Woman.

    The Dark Sides of a Woman is a short story collection that provides a realistic look at the diversity of women in all kinds of relationships whether heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and interracial along with how they deal with all types of adversity. As a woman, dealing with relationships can be fraught with difficulties. Author Queen Goddess discusses the anguish that women experience in making tough decisions, not only to please them, but also to accommodate the opinions of family and friends.

    Passionate and emotional, the moral lessons in The Dark Sides of a Woman thoroughly examine the strife that women experience in relationships.  Whether they deal with deceit, rejection, humiliation, or controversy, Goddess shows how women call on their courage and strength to conquer these challenges.

    Here is The Link 2 The Audio Book For Those That Prefer 2 ListenAudio Book

    Here is The Link To Our Spoken Word 2 The Book: Spoken Word CD

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