IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
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    Did U know that U don't have 2 cut ya Locs 2 take them out All U need is a rat tale comb 2 open them up however it is very very time consuming & very costly but U get 2 Keep all Ya hair all U loose is the dead hair. Do U want 2 take out ya Locs with out cutting them then U came 2 the right page H2BN  can take them out 4 U call 4 an appointment now & Check out the the following photos process
    e-mail:queengoddess125@gmail.com or call 917.476.3287 In Eufaula Alabama & When I Am In Miami
    8hrs it is $400 Over 8 hours it An Additional $75.00 an hr.   We Charge $50  an Hr for 8 hours 2 Take Out Locs There is $100 Deposit Which Will Be Deducted From Your Balance
    Once U Have Ya Locs Taken Out. No Exception No Deposit No Appointment!!! So Pls Don't Ask Promise'n U R Going 2 Make Ya Appointment A Deposit Means U Really R Come'n 2 Take Ya Locs Out 4 REAL! & Please Don't Call Me Unless U R Sure This iz What U Desire Bcuz Time iz Money  $$$$ Thx U :) Much GRATITUDE :)

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    Taken Out Locs In Los Angeles

    Help Me Queen Goddess My Dread Locs R 2 Fat! :)

    Taken Out 7yrs of DreadLocs With Out Cutting Them :)

    Taken Out 7 Yrs Of Dreads Locs Down 2 The Last 2 :)

    Take'n Out Locs After 8 Months :)

    Locs out No More Dread Locs :)

    Taking Out Dreads Locs For 16 Hours :)

    Process Taking Out DreadLocs

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