IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • Hair Styles By H2BN Appointment Deposit For Adults Comb Kinky Twist Luv & Light Interloc'n Technique Palm Roll Locs & Kinky Twist & Straw Twist Organic Color

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    Welcome 2 Natural Hair Care Artist Princess Zawadi Page where she specialize in Starter Locs Palm Roll Our Luv & Light Interloc'n Technique 2 Strand Kinky Twist Straw Twist & Organic Color Here are her Prices: 
    Comb Twist is $55 For 2 & 1/2  hrs $65 For 3 & 1/2  hrs & $75 for 4 Hrs  Starter Locs Palm Roll is $85 For Adults Starter Locs For Children $65  Maintenance For Adults $65  & Maintenance $45   Starter Loc Luv & Light Interloc'n Technique is $95 for 3-1/2hrs  $125 for 4 hrs $155 
    for 5hrs  & for 6hrs $185 
    2 Strand Kinky Twist 2 -1/2hrs $55  3-1/2hrs is $65 & 4hrs is $75
    Straw Twist is $65 & Up

    You Must Make an online deposit for your appointment which will be deducted once your service has been rendered.
    We are A Chemical Free Organic Plant Base Hair Studio We Make All Our Products Shampoo Herbal Mist & Magic Hair Grow  & 4 Dry Scalp Hair All with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil You Are Pampered with A Loc or Dread Bath lst 2 Clean All the build Up & Gook Out of Your Locs Then You Get Our Organic Ancient Black Soap Shampoo Then Our Organic Ancient Mist & Our Magic Hair Grow Oil You get the Royal treatment
    Thx 4 Visiting Our Site Peace & Natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :) In the event you have anyquestions please feel free to email us @ queengoddess125@gmail.com or give us a call @ 917.476.3287 Also Here iz Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQfNQuu1_BzjgrMGnAi51mw