IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
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    Greetings So U Want Locs Huh?  We Do Starter Comb Twist Locs For 2 1/2 Hrs $55 For 3-1/2 Hrs $75 For 4 Hrs $100  5 Hrs $125 6 Hrs $150 Time iz Money We Only Take Clients That Really Want Their Hair Done & We Only Take Appointments On Line & A  $20 Deposit with Ya Credit or Debit Card 2 Secure Your Appointment 

    Palm Roll Starter Locs $100 for 3 hrs 

    4 hrs is $125 

    5 Hrs is $150 

    (includes Loc bath, shampoo, herbal rinse, & palm roll technique.) 

    Time iz Money. H2BN Makes All their Products Natural & Organic with Our Aloe Vera Straight From Our Aloe Garden & Herb Garden With Our Rosemary Lavender Lemongrass & Our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils  R the Best & My H2BN Clients See Feel And Smell The Big Difference Keep'n It Green How U Mean Seen Peace & Natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :) Your $50 Deposit Will Be Deducted From Your Balance When Your Hair Service is Complete. :)
    In the Event You Are A No Show Cancel on the day of your appointment Your Deposit will be Forfeited For Our Inconvenience Policy and not entitled to apply to schedule another on line appointment. 

    Check Out Our Video H2BN Best Rated: https://youtu.be/mZg_sE2C3-w