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Notary By A Happy 2B Nappy Vibration


Are You Looking  For A  Notary in Eufaula Alabama?  Notary By  A Happy 2B Nappy Vibration Provides That Service.

Notary Description:

  • A Notary is a legally appointed professional who serves as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents, verifying the identity of all participants and ensuring the authenticity of signatures. They play a crucial role in detecting fraud or coercion during the signing process.

  • A Notary’s primary role is to witness the signing of official documents and verify the identity of the signees. They administer oaths and affirmations, maintain notary journals, and handle various legal documents such as contracts, affidavits, and loan documents. Their responsibilities also include detecting fraud or coercion during the signing process and providing oversight during official proceedings.

    Notary responsibilities include:

    • Witnessing legally binding signatures on documents
    • Affirming the state of mind of all signees
    • Identifying fraud or coercion at the time of signing or other official situation

    • Complete the notarial certificate on all documents
    • Verify the identification of contract participants
    • Be present when documents are signed, which may include traveling
    • Administer oaths
    • Handle affidavits, contracts, loan documents, marriage certificates, and other legal documents
    • Bear witness to items within a safe deposit box or the equivalent
    • Maintain a notary journal
    • Schedule related appointments
  • Please Make An Appointment  2 get your documents notarize. We Are By  Appointment Only!!!

    $10 For Each Document Signed
    This is not the price for Notary Signing Agent for Mortgage Loans