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  • Private Duty Home Caregiver Home Health Aide For Elderly (Alternative Lifestyle Coach)

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    Are You Looking For A CERTIFIED CPR HHA & SENIOR CARE SPECIALIST I am available for HIRE for Private Duty for Disabled Patient Recovering From Surgery and Injries  I Am Available For:  Day Shifts Night Shifts Weekends & Hospice Live in Private Duty Caregiver Currently Servicing in Eufaula Clayton and Abbeville Alabama Georgetown Atlanta Georgia Miami Orlando and New York.

    Are U Looking for A Board Certified Holistic Practitioner aka  Alternative Lifestyle Coach aka Master Herbalist who is a natural health educator & Private Duty Caregiver for Elderly Currently Servicing   Eufuala Clayton and Abbeville Alabama Georgetown Atlanta Georgia Miami Orlando and New York.

     I am legally able to instruct and educate others in self-help methods of health such as the use of proper exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, water, sunshine, fresh air, and attitude;

    in no context of the phrase “practices medicine” and therefore does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, administer, cure, heal or otherwise perform a duty that is reserved for those who is licensed to do so;

    That the instruction concerning a healthful lifestyle is incidental to any particular illness and diseases I may have and is therefore not made in direct references to theses;
    Any healing of illnesses or diseases I may experience as a result of following the instruction of GODDESS QUEEN PRINCESS LANEISHA U-AHK NATURAL HEALTH EDUCATOR, was purely the result of the body itself once a naturally correct way of living was employed, for it is only the body that heals itself, not any person;
    That no claims or guarantees have been made as to any health benefits that may result from my following the instruction given by GODDESS QUEEN PRINCESS LANEISHA U-AHK NATURAL HEALTH EDUCATOR, Private Duty Caregiver For Elderly concerning a naturally way of living;

    That the Private Duty Caregiver Services  provided  by GODDESS QUEEN PRINCESS LANEISHA U-AHK NATURAL HEALTH EDUCATOR,Private Duty Caregiver For Elderly  in no way replaces proper medical care, and that I am free to choose a naturally right lifestyle.
    In the event you are interested in Private Duty Caregiver For Elderly my health methods such as the use of proper exercise, diet, nutritional, supplements, water, sunshine, fresh air and a positive attitude Or You Would Like To Schedule an interview For Elderly love one in Eufuala Alabama 

    Click on the  Photos You See Above is of an Elder 77years young My Aunt Ida who became bedridden due to a side effect she had from a medication called Lasix it shuts down her body she almost died we had to wear mask & gloves because her electrolytes was compromised I knew she was suffering with the Gout and they were given her Lasix. She lost weight and was weighing 88 pounds due to this medicine.  My mom is my Aunt Ida sister and she ask me to come to NewYork on an assignment to get her sister from being bedridden and back on her feet again.  I educated my aunt Ida  to eat fresh cherries, drink organic black cherry juice I juiced her fresh pineapples celery apples and oranges with moringa which reduces water retention which is good for Uric Acid in the blood which why you get the Gout. I made sure while I stayed with her for 3 weeks in the nursing home I educated her not to eat any foods with high fructose & corn syrup and I educated her on herbal supplements like sting nettle tincture I made that is excellent for the gout and comfrey salve which I made for her aching bones.  I educated her to eat plenty of fresh fruits and to drink coconut water  to get plenty of sunshine for 15 minutes a day and exercise was the key she had occupational and physical therapy she had a stage 2 bedsore when I started working with her and to get rid of it I educated her about aloe vera bitters it closes open wounds all organic and natural now she is backing to walking getting dress by herself back to her independence and continue the fresh fruits and vegetables diet exercise fresh air coconut water and coconut milk instead of cow's milk.   My Aunt Ida gained back her weight which was 110 and got her discharged from the Nursing home when I found her at the hospital she was near death and now she is up and enjoying life again GRATITUDE :) Feel Free 2 Contact me with Any questions about scheduling a virtual interview to hire me for my Private Duty Caregiver for Elderly Injured Disabled Services as An HHA & Senior Care Specialist or A Holistic Practitioner Caregiver. 

    As You Know Your Health is Your Wealth and Your Wealth is Your Health :) Here is A Video of My Aunt Ida Walking with Her Best Friend Diana After Being Bedridden Due to me Educating her on Raw Fruits Vegetables & Herbs Fresh Air & Sunlight Along with Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Click On Youtube Link 2 View Video of Her Up & Walking Again: https://youtu.be/DrFyJwwiYwQ Much GRATITUDE :)