IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • Luv & Light Starter & Maintenance InterLoc'n Technique Appointment Deposit

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    GREETINGS & WELCOME 2 OUR LUV & LIGHT LOCS  THAT CREATES A LOC WITH THE UNIQUE HANDCRAFTED LUV & LOC TOOL WHICH THERE IS NO NEED 4 BEESWAX OR GEL U CAN GET YA HAIR WET AS WELL THE REASON GODDESS CALLS THE TOOL LUV & LIGHT IZ BCUZ THAT IZ WHAT SHE WANTS THE TOOL 2 RADIATE LUV & LIGHT THRU YA HAIR & SCALP NOT 2 MENTION PRAYER OR AFFIRMATION OR MEDITATION U CAN HAVE YA HAIR ALSO DONE BY THE CREATOR OF THE TOOL HOWEVER U MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT  2 SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH GODDESS: ADD 2 CART BUTTON  2 Schedule Your Appointment With Your Deposit That Will Be Deducted Once Your Hair Service is Complete  PEACE & NATURAL HAIR GREASE LUV & LIGHT 4EVER HAPPY 2B NAPPY :) P.S. MANY CLIENTS CONSIDER THIS TECHNIQUE INTERLOCK'N OR SISTAH LOCK'N OK :) Your Total Price will be for: 2- 2 1/2 hrs = $65 3-3 1/2 hrs   =  $85   4 Hrs = $110   5 Hrs $150   6 Hrs= $155  7 Hrs= $210 8 Hrs= $250 No EXCEPTION Time is Money $$$$$ We Start you off with a Dread Bath 2 get rid of the build up & gook out of you Locs Then We Give You Our Ancient Herbal Soap Shampoo Then We Mist Your Hair With Our Ancient Herbal Mist & Magic Hair Grow Oil That The Goddess Makes It's Organic So Don't Panic :) & H2BN Twist you up with Fresh Aloe From Our H2BN Garden You Get the Royal Holistic Haircare Treatment & U Get Your Locs Styled with Long Starter Locs:) In The Event You Are a No Show You Will Be Charged A $20 Fee & Your Deposit is Forfeit and Will Not Apply To A Future Appointment Time iz Money $$$$$ Give Thx 4 Visiting Our Page Check Out Our Work On Our Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/ow6ZZZ8nLG4 4 More info on Natural Hair Care & Locs Visit My Blog Page: https://wordpress.com/posts/queengoddess125.wordpress.com Look for Our Coupon For More Discounts :)