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    Halito! We R Not Longer Adopting Tribal Members Would you like to DONATE to our Hachotakn Yamassee Criik Tribe We Are Asking for $100 DONATIONS this can help Us Greatly!  Families Friends Associates and Any Organizations willing to help us build up our tribal nation to greatness honoring our great ancestors that ancient history culture and heritage was ERASED and We Were Reclassified as Colored Mulatto Negro Black and Now As African American WHICH is a FALSE Narrative!!!  Do Your Own GENEALOGY FAMILY TREE RESEARCH Feathers up Yakoke! According to this United States government which is a Business Corporation here are some of the 500 tribal nations here in North AMERICA aka TURTLE ISLAND AKA T'MERIKA are Cherokee Choctaw Seminole Creeks & Chickasaw are just a few of the 500 Tribal Nations. 

    My Family Tribal History on my mother and father side is Cherokee Mohawk Mohegan Black Foot & Yamassee who had their Yamassee Uprising & Yamassee War.  The TribeS of Yamassee Indians killed 1,800 British Slave Catchers Killing 10% of South Carolina's Colonial Population to being enslaved 1715-1717. This was my Ancestors My Great Great Grandparents were from South Carolina The MEANS My Great Great Grandmother LAURA MEANS named her lst born Daughter in the early 1800's AMERICA MEANS which is Pronounced AMA RICA The oldest DNA was recently Traced to ALBERT PERRY A Deceased so called Black Man Geneticists were Stunned to find his DNA Dates Back 338,000 YEARS, which was the OLDEST Known Genetic Branch of the Human Y CHROMOSOME. His DNA Shattered The OUT OF AFRICA THEORY And PROVED The Biblical Adam & Eve is A COMPLETE FALLACY.  It Also Proved that The So Called Black Americans race identity Reclassified have their OWN DISTINCT DNA. 

    The Yamasee War was one of the most disruptive and transformational conflicts of colonial America. For more than a year, the colony faced possibility of annihilation.  About seven percent of South Carolina's settlers were killed making the war one of the bloodiest wars in American History which they never teach you in History class.

    The Yamasee War was a conflict fought in South Carolina from 1715–1717 between British settlers from the Province of Carolina and the Yamasee and a number of other allied Native American peoples, including the MuscogeeCherokeeCatawbaApalacheeApalachicolaYuchi, Savannah River ShawneeCongareeWaxhawPee DeeCape FearCheraw, and others. Some of the Native American groups played a minor role, while others launched attacks throughout South Carolina in an attempt to destroy the colony.

     American Indians killed hundreds of colonists and destroyed many settlements, and they killed traders throughout the southeastern region. Colonists abandoned the frontiers and fled to Charles Town, where starvation set in as supplies ran low. The survival of the South Carolina colony was in question during 1715. The tide turned in early 1716 when the Cherokee sided with the colonists against the Creek, their traditional enemy. The last Native American fighters withdrew from the conflict in 1717, bringing a fragile peace to the colony.

    The Yamasee War was one of the most disruptive and transformational conflicts of colonial America. For more than a year, the colony faced the possibility of annihilation. About seven percent of South Carolina's settlers were killed, making the war one of the bloodiest wars in American history.[1] The Yamassee War and its aftermath shifted the geopolitical situation of both the European colonies and native groups and contributed to the emergence of new American Indians confederations, such as the Muscogee Creek and Catawba.

    The origin of the war was complex, and reasons for fighting differed among the many Indian groups that participated. Factors included the trading system, trader abuses, the Indian slave trade, the depletion of deer, increasing Indian debts in contrast to increasing wealth among some colonists, the spread of rice plantation agriculture, French power in Louisiana offering an alternative to British trade, long-established Indian links to Spanish Florida, power struggles among Indian groups, and recent experiences in military collaboration among previously distant tribes. Which they never teach you in history class.

    We Yamassee are the Autochthons Aboriginal Indigenous Original Native American Indian that were reclassified by The 3 Most Dangerous Men CULTURAL ANCESTRAL IDENTITY Melville Herskovits created the Genocidal LIE of American negroes coming from African slaves only changing their Cultural Identity.  

    BENEFITS Walter Plecker Eugenist Took AWAY THE AMERICAN NEGROE INDIANS BENEFITS & GAVE it to so called Whites & Mexicans.

    IMAGE Ales Hrdlicka Eugenist changed the PICTURE of the Original "Indians" From Negro Indians to Mongol Asians.

    Some of the biggest Identity Theft Thieves that stole our identity and perpetrating like they are the Original Negro "Indians" These Thieves Are:

    Greg Chilcoat Chief of the Seminole Nation, Bill John Baker Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation, Bill Anoatubby Chief of Chickasaw Nation, Gary Dale Batton 

    Chief of the Choctaw Nation, and George Tiger Chief of the Creed Nation. Which is all fraudulent & identity thief!!!

    This is why we have to take back our Tribes Reclaim Who We Truly Are Autochthons to Turtle Island my Ancestors are very pleased that I have RECLAIMED who we really are which we were Reclassified in the 1600's from INDIANS 1700's to SAVAGES 1800's NIGGERS 1900's to DARKIES 1910 to PICKININNIES 1920 to COONS

    1930 to SPOOKS 1940 to BOYS 1950 to COLORED 1960 to NEGROES 1970 to BROTHERS 1980 to BLACKS 1990 to AFRICAN AMERICANS 2000 to????

    Did You Know that between 1924-1967 It was illegal for Our Ancestors to call themselves Indians if they did they were  lock up in jail it's funny how they shuffled in the Civil Rights Movement and Jesus in 1967 when it was actually about our Indian Bill of Rights Indian Act REMOVAL & Did You Know it was Also A Peace Treaty Go Look it Up!!  if somebody doesn't want you in their restaurant when we had our own businesses in our communities after the Civil Rights Movement all the Mom & Pop Business in our community went out of business and we still haven't recovered economically since then we were BAMBOOZLED Period!!! We Are In A New Age & Time The Age of Aquarius The Age of Truth Enlightenment & Knowing I Know I Am Autochthon Aboriginal Indigenous Original Copper Colored  American Indian My Great Grandparents Grandparents & Parents Kept Telling Us Who We Really Are & As A Result I RECLAIMED back Our TRUE IDENTITY & Did Our Family HACHOTAKNI YAMASSEE CRIIK TRIBAL TRUST CHARTER When U DONATE  U will be DONATING  into The Tribe which is one of the 500 Tribal Nations that help us fight in  the Yamassee War in 1715-1717  and it's time for to Build Back What Our Ancient Ancestors Built and was Destroyed Here on T'MERIKA aka Turtle Island the Original Name of America. All I Can Say is Do Your Own Research & Know Your Family Tree & We Are Only Accepting Productive Individuals that Can Help DONATE 2 Our Progression of This Tribal Nation to Make Greatness For Our Next Generation Who Needs to know their True IDENTITY & How Great Their Warrior Ancestors were & we are now stepping up in their place & no longer being erased by paper genocide by the American Government Corporation.  Our Treaties are still in full effect we did an amazing Tribal ceremony on August 24th, 2019 at Adams Park in Atlanta Georgia where 8 Tribes Came together I have Uploaded The Video for you to view: Sacred Indian Tribal Ceremony 

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