IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • H2BN Organic Herbal Hand Sanitizer

    $10.00 $5.00

    Osiyo Halito Greetings!  Here is Our Organic Herbal 8 oz Sanitizer Made with Fresh Aloevera From Our Aloe Garden with 99% Rubbing Alcohol Aloe Organic Morigna Oil Essential Oils of Tea Tree Peppermint Lavender & Lemongrass Oils  This Products is Only Made 2 Order Due 2 The Coronavirus Outbreak Once You Place Your Order We Make it Fresh & Ship it to You In the event You Have Any Questions Please Contact Me Thx. Notice Our Organic Hand Sanitizer Turns A Rose Purple Do 2 The Real Chunks of Aloevera From Our Garden " It's Organic So Don't Panic" 

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