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    Halito!  The Hachotakni Yamassee Criik Tribe are Non Reservation Indians  working on Building A Self Sustainable Community we don't get any funding from The Federal Government Being That We Are Not Federally Recognized.  WE DO NOT HAVE ANY AFFILIATIONS  ASSOCIATIONS OR DEALINGS WITH  THE DEEP SOUTH CHEROKEE KEETOOWAH NATION FOUNDATION IN GEORGETOWN GEORGIA WITH PRINCIPAL CHIEF BETTY JONES  SMITH DUE TO MISLEADING AND FALSE REPRESENTATION.   The Original Autochthons Indigenous Copper Colored Indians.The Government has labeled us Savage, Pickinnies, Darkies Coons, Boys, Colored, Negro, Black, & Now African American My Family Ancestry on My Mom & Dad Side of The Family are Full Blooded Cherokee, Blackfoot, Mohawk ,Mohegan, & Yamassee. My Great Grand Aunt who was born in the 1800's was name America Means; her named was pronounced Ama rica  they were from Turtle Island which is known today as America.  On my father side my grand father Papa Nick rest in power lived on the reservation until his family  finally left and relocated to New York.  My Great grandmother Selica was a very beautiful American Indian woman and reminded them of the great American Indian Heritage. When my father had children he reminded me and my siblings of our American Indian Heritage. The reservation is like the plantation you are not of your own Free Will and have colonizers regulations on how to be and indigenous American Indians Are Free Spirits!!!   We Are proud of our Ancient Indigenous heritage from South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Arizona and Texas which was once known as T'MERIKA aka Turtle Island aka North America .  We Have to Reclaim Our Indigenous Heritage which I did & Reclaimed  Our Ancient, Autochthon, Aboriginal Heritage Identity & Nationality!!!  Our Great Ancestors Are Very Please :) I am just a Recycled Ancestor doing my ancient indigenous  heritage callings.  We are not recognized  like the Native American Indians from Siberia.  & We would really appreciate your monetary assistance  with abundance of donations to build our Tribal community.  You Can Donate  the minimum of $50 or more, for land, a small lot, or property  in Geneva Miami Florida or Eufaula Alabama for farming, tribal ceremonies and activities.   In the event you would like to make a very large substantial donation of money land, lot or property.  Please feel free to contact Chief Iskitani Hatapushik Nitakomi which means Little Butterfly Under the Moonlight Yakoke  We Appreciate Your Acts of Kindness Yamassee Means Kind & Gentle People.  Thanking You In Advance We Appreciate Your Time & Consideration Peace Harmony & Balance :)

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