IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • Hachotakni Yamassee Criik Tribe Donate 2 Our Autochthon Indigenous Tribe :)

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    Halito The Hachotakni Yamassee Criik Tribe is working on Building A Self Sustainable Community we don't get any funding from The Federal Government Being That We Are Not Federally Recognize The Original Autochthons Indigenous Copper Colored Indians we are not recognize  like the $5 Indians who are perpetrating a fraud oh lord & we need your help with lots of donations to build our self sustainable community. You Can Donate Land or A Small Lot here in Miami Florida.   In the event you would like to make a very large substantial donation of money Land Or Lot  Please feel free to contact Chief Iskitani Hatapushik Nitakomi which means Little Butterfly Under the Moonlight Yakoke We Appreciate Your Acts of Kindness Yamassee Means Kind & Gentle People Thanking You In Advance We Appreciate Your Time & Consideration Peace Harmony & Balance :)

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    Thx 4 Watching Much GRATITUDE :)  & We Accept Zelle just contact us to do a Zelle Donation Thank You For Your Time & Consideration :)