IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • H2BN Ancient Stop Hair Loss Magic Solution Now On Sale

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    Greetings Do You Suffer with Hair loss on your edges and the middle of your hair well I can help you stimulate your hair growth with my Stop Hair Loss Tonic Made With Hair Food Stimulation of Stinging NettleTincture , Onion &  Garlic Juice,  Tumeric , Cayenne Pepper,  Bits of Aloe vera gel H2BN Magic Hair Grow Oil with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Ylang Ylang, Coconut Oil, Peppermint, Lemongrass Essential 2 Stimulate your Hair Growth. This Tonic is Made 2 Order Only .  These Are Ancient Herbal Ingredients That Are in This Tonic by The Hachotakni Yamassee Criik Tribe Much GRATITUDE 4ever Chieftess  Iskitani Hatapushik Nitakomi (Little Butterfly Under the Moon Light) :)

    CAUTION: Make Sure You Always Do A Sample Test B4 Using  1. Use A Small Amount Some People Sweat & The Cayenne Pepper Can Cause Heat Stimulation  Especially By Your Edges Which is Near The Eyes  So Be Very Careful Bcuz Your Eyes Will Be Running Like Niagra Falls From The Cayenne Pepper 2.  PLEASE USE A Few Drops & Brush into Scalp Vigorously Means Stimulate Your Scalp

    3.Let Scalp Get Fresh Air Rather It Be In Your Home or Out Doors The Breeze From The Natural Air is Excellent For The Scalp 

    4.  Make Sure You Brush Solution  in With A Toothbrush 2 Exfoliate Your Hair Follicles & Stimulate Hair Growth 

    This 4oz Tonic Must be Applied with a Small Medium Tooth Brush So you Can Vigorously Brush it in I have Uploaded My How To Video 2 Demonstrate How To Use Our H2BN Hair  Ancient Magic Solution aka Concoction aka Tonic it's Organic So Don't Panic :) In the event You have any questions feel free to contact us via Hair Studio: 305.4541667 Cell: 917.476.3287 or Email Us: queengoddess125@gmail.com   More Hair More Hair More Hair Oh Yeah :) 4 More info on How 2 Stop Hair Loss Read My Check Out Our Happy 2B Nappy Hair Blog: https://queengoddess125.wordpress.com/category/stop-hair-loss/

    Looking 4 A Good Natural Hair Care Stylist In Your Hood Go 2 My Blog 2 Find One: https://queengoddess125.wordpress.com/category/natural-salon-listing/

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    & Stop Hair Loss Now Video

    Here is How to Open Up & Use The Hair Tonic Properly CAUTION : The Tonic Will EXPLODE When Opening Please Follow My Video Link:  How 2 Open Stop Hair Loss

    Users can expect a minimum shelf life of 6 Months to 1 Year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct Sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

      Caution When Opening up Bottle it Fizzle up & Out So Please Open Over A Bowl 2 Catch All The Stop Loss Magic Solution :)  

     included with your order okay :)

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