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    Top 5 Toxics Ingredients hiding in your deodorant: 1. Aluminum- linked to breast cancer in women, prostate cancer and an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.  2.  Parabens- disrupt our delicate hormonal balance, which can lead to things like early puberty in children and increased risk of hormonal cancers, linked to birth defects  and toxicity.  3.  Propylene glycol- can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and heart.  4.  Phthalates- linked to a higher risk of birth defects.  May disrupt hormone receptors, increase the likelihood of cell mutation.  5.  Triclosan - classified as a synthetic chemical with antimicrobial properties which destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi. When triclosan was first introduced in the early 70's for use in hospitals, it was a good thing, as it is crucial to keep medical instruments sterile. However, over the last decade, with the rapid increase in the use of triclosan products, the chemical is becoming ubiquitous.

    The use of triclosan is linked to the following effects on human health:

    • Abnormal endocrine system/thyroid hormone signaling.
    • Weakening of immune system.
    • Children exposed to antibacterial products at an early age have an increased chance of developing allergies, asthma and eczema.
    • Uncontrolled cell growth.
    • Developmental and reproductive toxicity.

    Question Are  You Alarmed By This Information about the Commercial Deodorant they sell in the stores which contain all these toxic chemicals that you are apply to your underarm pit?    Well you need not to Worry  Our H2BN  Organic Natural Deodorant is Made Fresh When You Place your Order With All Organic 100% Natural Ingredients: Shea Butter Bentonite Indian Healing Clay  Arrowroot Corn Starch Baking Soda Beeswax Pellets So Coconut oil Doesn't Melt in Hot Weather Melaleuca aka Tea Tree Oil Vitamin E Oil

    Your Choice of 2oz Glass Jar or 2.5 oz Plastic  Push Up & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil For Fragrance: Lavender Peppermint Lemongrass & Lime

    You Must indicate in your order what fragrance would you like if your allergic 2 baking soda please let us know bcuz we make your deodorant fresh so you can let us know which essential oil you would like in your deodorant if not we will pick a wonderful Essential Oil for You Okay :)

    In the event you have any questions please feel free 2 contact Queen Goddess Peace & Natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :)

    Your order will be  processed  between 7-10 days Thanking You In Advance :)

    Thank you for your Time & Consideration GRATITUDE :)

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