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  • Empathetic Listener 👂🏼

    $50.00 $30.00

    Attention We will not be available online Until April 3rd  Thx You 4 Your Support


    In the last past three years the world has go through some very challenging times after the pandemic in 2020 many people fell into depression due to the lost of loves ones some lost their jobs residency, and some people became afraid to leave their home and had no one to talk to. Many people don't like talking to their spouse significant other friends family love ones co- workers pastor church members teachers about their personal problems.  Many people prefer a neutral person they don't know that will just listen not judge as they vent their pain frustrations fears sorrows despair and loneliness.  As A Empathetic listener I listen to you and you do all the talking and I just listen with no feedback.  I am here to listen so you can release what has been heavy on your heart and soul. Does this sound like what you have been going through then pay for your lst hour $50 want to talk for 3 hours or more you will get a discount of $30 an hour instead of $50.  This service is for pregnant 🤰🏽 that need someone to listen to them and especially after the baby comes 🤱🏽 can be a challenge and many women deal with depression after having a baby really need a empathetic ear 👂🏼 

    You can choose to talk via zoom with the camera off or by google voice it's up to you my aim is to please you just by simply listening with an empathetic ear.  Any questions contact me by email on this site once you have paid and booked your listening time there is NO REFUNDS You can reschedule for the time that best fits your schedule, I look forward to listening to you with an Empathetic Ear Book Your lst Appointment Right Now to get off your chest that has been weighing you down so you can get back to enjoying life and feeling better about yourself after releasing what was on your heart and soul.  

    Thank You For Your Time & Consideration I Appreciate You :)