IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • Children Starter Locs & Adult Loc Maintenance Deposit Appointment

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    Would You Like Your Child to Have Locs or Does your Child Need Locs Maintenance Or 2 Kinky Twist Style ? If you answered yes to any of these questions Then you need 2 make an on line appointment to get your Child's hair done with H2BN when you make your appointment on line we know that you are serious about getting your child's hair

    done. Once you make your appointment your deposit will be deducted once your child hair is done and you pay the balance.  In the event you are a No Show your deposit will be forfeited.  In the event you are a No Show or Cancel your appointment the day of your deposit will be Forfeited & non Refundable & Charged as A Inconvenience Charge. Time is Money & We Won't Waste Your Time We look Forward To Doing Your Child's Hair with Our Organic Natural Hair Care Products That We Make Fresh from Our Garden & We Also Use CPTG=Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils &  We Use The Best On Your Child's Hair & Scalp Bcuz U Deserve The Best.  Thx 4 Visiting Our Site Peace & natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :) We R A Chemical Free 100% Organic Site & Hair Studio :)

    Starter Locs For Children $75 for 3 hrs & $95 for 4 hrs $115 & 5 hrs $135  

    Starter Locs For Adults  $100  for 3 hrs

    4hrs =$125 for 5hrs $150 (Includes shampoo herbal rinse & palm roll technique)

     Maintenance For Children $50  & Up Depending on length of Locs

    (includes Loc Bath Ancient Shampoo, Ancient Herbal Rinse, & Locs Palm Rolled & Styled with Long Starter Locs )

    Maintenance For Adults $85 for 3hrs  

    $125 for 4hrs

    (includes Loc Bath Ancient Shampoo, Ancient Herbal Rinse, & Locs Palm Rolled & Styled)

    We Use All Plant Based Organic Herbal Haircare Products that we make with top quality essential oils everything is fresh from Mother Nature 

    No Beeswax Black Gel It's Organic So Don't Panic :)

    $100 for 4hrs

    $125 for 5 hrs $150

    Dry Maintenance $45 (Hair must be washed Prior to service) (includes Ancient Herbal Spritz & Locs Palm Rolled)

    Wash Only (includes Loc Bath, Ancient Herbal Shampoo, Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner,  or Hot Oil Treatment $20 & Up

    In The event You Are A No Show There is a $20 Inconvenience charge & your deposit will not be refunded or applied to another appointment.

    Need More Info on Natural Hair Care Visit Our Happy 2B Nappy Blog Page: https://queengoddess125.wordpress.com/ The More U Know The More U Grow Knowledge iz Power & Ignorance is Nonsense Each One Reach One Each One Teach One In The Event U Don't Know Ask There is No Question 2 Silly or Stupid 2 Ask :)

    Check Out Our Client Testimony About Our Organic Natural Hair Service: