IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
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    Rocking an Afro is so very natural & sixties. However, many people don't know how 2 care for a natural Afro.
    First of all the lst thing is 2 wash ya hair with her natural organic products  which are excellent organic products 2 wash ya hair with.  Make sure U use a intensive conditioner like Coconut Milk with Essential Oils of  tea tree oil or Lavender Oil & My H2BN Magic Hair Grow Oil  with aloe as a Deep Hot Oil Treatment it's amazing on the scalp very tinglely & wakes up the scalp and makes ya scalp feel so fresh and the smell is so very adorning let it sit on the scalp 2-3 minutes then wash it out. Your hair will be very soft and manageable and you can comb it with out any complications. Towel dry your hair very good then give your
    hair a hot oil treatment bcuz Afro's get very dry and really need a good hot oil treatment 2 moisturize & replenish ya scalp. Then after that U can cornrow, corn braid, 2 strand twist, kinky twist dread twist, box braid, or just leave your hair out in an Afro. Some clients like to have U run the hot comb thru their hair B4 they have it braided that is your option. Remember 2 get that Wooden handle metal pick to keep that Afro looking cool like that! Would U like Queen 2 wash Condition & Give U a hot oil treatment? Then pay online & set up an appointment for ya natural Afro care.  Any questions Just call Goddess @ 917.476.3287 Do U have any questions about ya natural Afro just e-mail Us

    Thank You For Your Time & Consideration GRATITUDE :)

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