IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
  • Reattach Your Locs aka Sew Your Locs Back On

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    Greetings  Happy 2B Nappy Fam Fam Did Your Old Locs U Cut Off & Would Like Them Sewn Back On H2BN Can Make It Happen By Making Your $100 Deposit Appointment We Charge $30 an Hour Sometimes This Can Take Up to 5 hrs After 5 it's $40 an hour Depending on how  Many Locs You Want 2 Attach or It Can Just Be an Hour with Just A Few Locs 2 Attach 2 Your Locs.  In The Event You Have Any Questions Feel Free 2 Contact H2BN with Any Questions Peace & Natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :)

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