IF U Can't Eat it U Don't Feed it 2 Your Hair & Scalp Ouch :)
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    Greetings So U Want Faux Locs aka Loc Extension Huh? U Don't Want 2 Go Thru dat Ugly Stage Huh? Or Perhaps U Just Want Them Temporarily & I Feel U Well U Can Get Faux Locs Extension or Dread Locs Extension Which will Take up 2 Eight Hours or More For Those Very Long Faux Locs That U See All The Celebrities Wear'n U Must Purchase Afro Kinky Bulk Human Hair Marley Hair Or Yarn Or Synthetic Hair  It's Your Hair & Your Choice Now If U Want 2 keep The Loc 4 Real & Let Them Grow Naturally U Can Only Purchase Human Afro Kinky Bulk Hair ok :)  Time iz Money We Only Take Clients That Really Want Their Hair Done & We Only Take Appointments On Line & A  $125 Deposit with Ya Credit or Debit Card 2 Secure Your AppointmentFor Faux Locs 10 -12 inches  is $250 Faux Locs 12-14 inches $300 Faux Locs 14-16 inches $350 Faux Locs 16-18 inches $400  Faux Locs With Yarn 10-12 inches $275 Faux Locs with Yarn 12-14 inches  $290 Faux Locs with Yarn 16-18 inches $375 There is $125 Deposit Which Will Be Deducted From Your Balance Time iz Money. H2BN Makes All their Products Natural & Organic with Our Aloe Vera Straight From Our Aloe Garden & Herb Garden With Our Rosemary Lavender Lemongrass & Our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils From Doterra I Am A Wellness Advocate with DoTerra & Their Essential Oils R the Best & My H2BN Clients See Feel And Smell The Big Difference Keep'n It Green :) You Receive A Free Ancient Herbal Mist 2 Keep Your Hair Moisturized While Wear'n Your Faux Locs Peace & Natural Hair Grease Much Luv & Light Alright :